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Chris has a comprehensive knowledge of the techniques in visual storytelling and an in-depth knowledge of multiple digital formats and online delivery. He recieved his masters degree in Digital Media from East Tennessee State University.

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"Chris is a self-starter, excellent communicator and detail-oriented professional with a high level of accuracy. He is conscientious, witty, artistic (He's even a classically trained artist!), and dogmatic. He treats your project as if it's his own. He's also fun and an excellent teacher."

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Chris's passion lies in editing. He thoroughly enjoys the entire process, from logging to obsessing about trimming clips just right for a perfect, seamless cut. Spending hours at a time in an edit bay isn't really work for Chris but fun. He enjoys all things digital. He loves not only video but motion graphics, animation, effects, web, graphics and audio. These ingredients demonstrate his versatility. He has
the inate ability to slip comfortably into almost any role when a need arises. Visit my LinkedIn profile to review my resume.

  • Logo Animation

    Animated to splash and bubble up, to imply the company's tag line: "We put water in its place."

  • How To

    DIY project which installs a lightweight french drain alternative.

  • Logo Animation

    A fun animation that uses particle effects.

  • DIY Drip Irrigation Kit

    Step-by-step instruction on installing a drip irrigation kit.

  • How To

    This DIY video gives step-by-step instruction on programming an automatic timer.

  • earphones

    A short story about how lives can intersect and new friendships emerge from a common!

  • Glam Gram Jewelry Diva

    An independent Premier Designs Jeweler who wanted a web solution for directing clients to helpful tips and information for successful parties.

  • Endit Ointment

    Client asked to have their brochure redone.