Video Production


Music Video

Writer/Director  Chris Vaughn

About The Production

Three seperate groups of teens, each of them discover an unusual red shape which just seems to appear. Each group trys to understand its significance, because each piece seems as if it belongs to something larger. Eventually, the groups talk to one another and agree to meet. Once the groups come together it doesn't take long for them to realize the importance of their find!

This freelance video project was done for the Sharon United Methodist Church in Supply, NC. The pastor asked me to help develop a video project for the church's youth group as part of thier Vacation Bible School (VBS) experience. We shot at three seperate locations in the Holden Beach, NC area.

The entire production and post-production work was completed in only 5 days (while also working a full-time job with an one-hour commute each way). This allowed my wife and I to present the video to the congregation the Sunday after VBS was over.

Song: "Foreverandever Etc.," Performed by: the David Crowder Band, Album: A Collision, Produced by: David Crowder Band, 2005, Label: sixstepsrecords. "Foreverandever Etc." was used by permission of the Dave Crowder Band for the making of this video.

Behind The Scene

The floating heart squence near the end of the video was a practical effect. We had a local flower shop create the hearts out of styrofoam. For the end shot effect, I used ten-pound fishing line, a dowel rod, straight pins, about 100 feet of small rope and a overhanging branch to get the rising/floating effect.

I used the Canon XH-A1s, Edited with Adobe Premier Pro, Created in 2009