Video Production


Indie Promo

Director  Brent Adams
Videography  Chris Vaughn
       Grant Walters
Actress  Roslyn

About The Production

This short promo was cut together as a teaser for a larger production. This promo focuses on one of the three main characters in a tale of how three complete strangers are not as unknown to each other as they might think. When the three strangers run into one another, a helping hand leads to the realization that they all share all love for music. It's that love of music that bridges their different ages and stations in life to bind them as new friends.

Behind The Scene

The scenes shot for this promo were shot on location in old downtown Johnson City, TN. We used a Canon XL2 Mini DV, shooting 16:9 with a 42-846mm lens at a 24p frame rate. Brent used AVID to cut the promo together.